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failures in our servers
Published on 22-12-2019

Due to failures in our servers by the service provided by our hosting, we have made the decision to migrate our website to another hosting service.

We currently complete the migration of our database by 90%. And we are setting up our website on new servers.

Any questions or inconvenience please let us know by opening a support ticket greetings.

PaidTiki LTD team.

fail in our hosting service provider
Published on 21-11-2019

hello to all our members since yesterday our server service provider had some failures that lasted more than 12 hours, fortunately they have already managed to solve the inconvenience they had and restored our services sorry for the inconvenience.

New Module Bonus A
Published on 14-11-2019

Hello dear members.

The new Bonus AD tool is available.

Another opportunity to make money at PaidTiki LTD.


Contest of referrals and active investments
Published on 06-11-2019


Referral and investment contests are already active.

We have a new moderator his username is pati098.

The forum was repaired and emoticons can now be added and a signature can be added.

It is important to know that you are allowed to add banners in your signature.

Sanctions will be applied to users who have received payments and do not upload their proof of payment to the forum, depending on the payments and amount of money requested, the sanctions will be applied.

They have 72 hours to upload their vouchers.


November Contests Available
Published on 01-11-2019

hello dear members,

We inform you that in a few hours the new referral contest will be available for November.

We will distribute $ 200 in prizes to the top 50 winners. We will also distribute advertising prizes that will be automatically assigned to your account the day of the contest closing.

We are also releasing the new module that the informatics have already integrated into our website, we are making the last adjustments and will be available in a few hours.

The November Investment Contest.

We will distribute $ 1000 to the first 50 winners. We add a bonus of 20 direct referrals and 10 rented assigned the same day of the closing of the contest automatically.

How will you participate in this investment contest?

Only by depositing by any payment processor available in PaidTiki. The more you invest on our website the more opportunities you have to win a prize.

But this is not all for investing you will get an additional 20%. It is incredible for example if you invest $ 10 you will get $ 12 in your balance of purchase, if you invest $ 100 you will get $ 120.

Take advantage of both contests will be available until November 30.