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updates completed
Published on 17-08-2019

Dear Members,

We install an improvement to our script, After the installation we realized that some errors arose and we extended the maintenance another 24 hours, we already solved all the errors and everything is working well excuse the inconvenience caused if you notice any error open a support ticket to solve it as fast as possible.

Attempt to circumvent our security
Published on 05-08-2019

Hello everyone,

In the last 24 hours we were installing new security for our website since some hackers who tried to circumvent the security of our website, failed to extract information can be sure.

Since July 29 we were under computer attacks from different parts of the world (Pakistan, Russia, Turkey among others), fortunately these hackers could not penetrate the security of our website, but they attacked us more than 2000 times per second since the July 29 causing our website to load slow and heavy.

We were reviewing all the data in our database and all are correct and working, we improve our script and now you have more security.

It was where the hackers attacked our website, caused problems in the conversion of points for money, since our website was under attack the point system stopped working, like the rented referral system, we already updated our script and did all the tests necessary to guarantee the optimal functionality of our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience we are monitoring our website 24 hours for possible errors, if you discover any error please open a ticket quickly to solve it.

The Bonus Ads module is disabled at the moment we will integrate more security in this module.


Updates completed
Published on 17-07-2019


We make some updates of our script to optimize your loading speed, so you save time.

We add a new category of ads that is called SMALL that its value is $ 0.0005 of earnings for each ad that is available.


Referral Contest
Published on 20-06-2019

hello to all our members,

We have already finished our first referral contest, thanks to the participants and the 3 winners, the balance has already been added to their balance and they can withdraw their money or use it in their account (advertising, referrals, actions ...)

We will soon activate the second referral contest.


Completed Update
Published on 15-06-2019

Dear users,

Today we completed an update of our script to optimize its functionality. and we separated the ADS from the BONUS ADS. Now you can view them separately, the popup advertising of those 2 sections was also eliminated.

the captcha of the login was updated and register to make it stronger and more optimal.